Your Great Outdoors

Spring has sprung and is nearly done but if you have not been able to enjoy your yard, patio or pool yet (I’m looking at all of you Northerners) I suggest you do so immediately…especially when you see what the wonderful world of Outdoor Furniture has to offer. The options seem endless so we’re here to highlight a few of our favorites and to steer you in the right direction when it comes to making the best choice. Depending on where you live, how much sun and shade you receive, how much time you spend in your outdoor space, and what kind of entertaining you do are just a few factors to consider when purchasing your outdoor pieces.

Materials & Colors

Remember this important fact...dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect heat. It’s a very important factor on a few levels here. You may have fallen in love with the black metal dining chair but how painful is that gorgeous chair when you have a seat for lunch, in your shorts, after the sun has been shining on it for three hours? Ouch. That Navy Blue outdoor upholstered sofa that you only bought last year may be a shadow of its former glorious self now after months of sun exposure. The proper fabric must be chosen, not only the correct color but a high grade outdoor rated fabric such as Sunbrella. As with most fabric manufacturers, the choices seem endless. Look for a lighter solid on your upholstered pieces, then you’ll have the opportunity to accent the piece with pillows or a throw. The accent pieces are small enough that you can store them away when not being used, furthering their life by keeping them out of the sun’s harmful rays. If you have the luxury of bountiful shade then your options are a little more open but don’t be fooled, the sun still washes away darker colors in the shade, it just takes a little longer.

Also try to remember that in the warmer months, your skin is a little more exposed IE: swingy dresses and shorts. When you sit in a chair or a lounger that has a lot of texture, it gets a little uncomfortable on the back of your legs. That should not sway you from bringing home that amazing rattan swinging egg chair that will look adorable hanging from the tree outback.

How Do You Entertain?

What is your social life like? Do you have lavish dinner parties twice monthly? Are you a huge, busy family with lots of wee ones? More of the “Home Body” type? Your furniture will organically reflect this in your choices but make sure it’s giving you what you need. Comfort, durability, flexibility and is it in your budget? If you entertain frequently, make sure you have enough seating that can easily be put away or taken out at a moment’s notice. You don’t need your dining table extended with every leaf in it and all twelve chairs out year-round, free up some space for your day to day lounging.  Little ones do best in comfy, stable, and easily wipeable seating. Cushions covers that are removable and washable will extend the life of your seating for years. If it tends just to be the two of you, you may have the freedom to choose a dual lounger for two or even splurge a little bit on an unusual or high-end sofa.

No matter your style, taste, budget, or lifestyle, I promise you that you will there is a beautiful outdoor space just waiting for you. I couldn’t resist sharing a few of our favorites…

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