What to do with your walls

A blank wall can be the biggest challenge for a new or existing homeowner, here are a few tips on how to transform your mantle or blank canvas into the functional focal point of your space. Your decisions should be functional and above all, make sure you want to look at the items you choose each day!

Display what you are passionate about

Not every living room needs to have a television in front of the sofa. If you have a meaningful piece of art that you purchased in your travels or a family heirloom let it take center stage. You can always find a nook for television (as shown in the photograph). The focal point of your room should be something you are passionate about and love looking at all the time. In this living room, you can see how a magnificent piece of art can anchor the wall and set off the color palate.

interior wall design ideas

The built-in shelving transforms this living room, showcasing a phenomenal piece of art.

Create your color scheme

Once you have established a prominent piece you can create a color scheme to guide your choices for the other items you put on display. This living room embodies a sophisticated contemporary style incorporating cultural history and warmth with an eclectic touch Classic shapes and patterns with clean lines and neutral paint scheme contrast with various shades of blues and greens giving this living space an elegant and warm feeling. The blues and greens used in this space create a serene yet vibrant mood.

Group Similar Items Together

Your display will look united if you group items by theme, color, shape, texture, or material – this wall blends beautifully because vases are grouped together and mixed with other structural pieces.

Nature’s Touch

The use of a few green plants sprinkled in this white wall creates balance and adds depth between vases.

Be Bold

Choose big, bold accessories to scatter throughout the wall or bookcase – small trinkets can get lost and collect dust. However, if you have smaller items you want to display consider collecting them together in a container to provide more of a presence.

Different Levels

Vary the heights of the accessories you choose – this will keep your eye moving. Not only can you mix accessory height but also shelf height when you create the plan for a built-in or transform your bookcase. These shelves are very unique and each item appears to be in the spotlight showcasing a variety of heights and widths.

room wall design

This unique shelving allows for accessories of varying heights

Magical Mirrors

Adding a mirror to a lonely wall can create a beautiful and functional vignette. In this entryway, an ornate console from the owner’s original collection was accented with a bold black-framed mirror. If you do not own a mirror already, you can choose a fabulous frame and have a local glass shop turn it into a mirror by adding antique or mercury glass.

bedroom wall design ideas

This bold mirror connects the entry with the rest of the house elongating the wall.

Blank walls can be intimidating but do not fear – empower yourself and use these tips, select your favorite items and you will love every wall in your home!