Art is Everything!

You need art, beauty, and inspiration! It seems like an obvious statement but without them, life is empty. Creativity flows through all of us in various forms and levels. Look around your home, what is hanging on the walls? What adorns your shelves? It says so much about who you are. Give it some thought next time you’re walking through your home. How do these pieces make you feel? What emotions are invoked? Why did you choose them, how does it “speak to you”? But one thing you do know for sure…YOU chose art. Art is extremely subjective and that’s just one of the reasons it’s so amazing and essential to your home. You are represented by the art and you are surrounded by it. You’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself through art.

inspirational wall artunique wall art ideasMy point is, you should never be afraid to simply acquire exactly what you love. Not what social media is telling you to love, not the “of the moment” pieces. When you buy, inherit, are gifted, or create art, you’re curating a beautiful story of who you are. The story is told to your friends and family when they come into your home.

This brings me back to my original statement of needing art, beauty, and inspiration…when you partner with a great Interior Designer you will be guided through this emotional journey with ease and joy. Understanding what speaks to you and how you want to tell your story is a Designer’s primary focus.

We understand this wholeheartedly and we’re here to start your journey with you. Call us, let’s talk about bringing joy into your life!