J-P and Denise and Zacaropoulo

We needed an Interior Design firm that could take the plans right from the architect of the space along with all minor details of all interior spaces and make it into a high-end eclectic and modern home. We wanted them to include a lot of our purchases and treasures. We surfed the internet and all we could find were very traditional Interior Design firms and the ones we talked to did not have the portfolio of what we wanted. I stumbled on Spaces Designed by chance and that was our lucky day. Not only did Komal charge ahead, but she also acted as project manager while my husband was away, and knew exactly how to balance the old with the new. They selected all the new materials and finishes of the space and it was very exciting to see it all come together. Lighting and wall finishes were a big part of the WOW factor. She was always very professional and budget-conscious.