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An authentic style that’s slowly finding its way into modern interior design, Asian-inspired décor is genuine for it radiates with a special kind of peace and tranquility.

It soothes the soul with its rich character and calming forms, being the perfect addition to a contemporary home.

Zen Features

The Zen style has already been incorporated as a part of Asian inspired interior design. The main colors you should focus on are water, dark soil, and of course neutral shades to stabilize the vibes.

Implementing a Zen style in your home is a simple process as it doesn’t have too many demands; the style itself promotes simplicity and minimalism. Making effective use of the essentials and furniture combined with the universal need for balance is quite enough.

Maximize the Flow of Energy

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There has always been a connection between the Asian Zen style and light open floor plans – the goal is to let the energy freely flow throughout the room.

Natural design elements are important if you want to harmonize the ambient and increase the impact of the room’s negative space. Try using wood blinds, Asian wall art, or bamboo details.

A Touch of Lively Colors

Some may say that Asian styles lack strong and vivid tones, but that’s very far from the truth. A bright accent mixed with a neutral backdrop is a design that is always included when incorporating an Asian-themed interior.

The Oriental style can’t do without accents of pink or cherry blossoms, luxurious purples or ravishing reds as they’re also a big part of Chinese-inspired decorating styles.

You can use subtle black hues to enhance the mystic vibe of the room, or even elegant golden tones complemented with a subtle neutral background.

This combination is bound to give you a feeling of freshness and content. Gold is also very popular lately, so it’s a good choice, whatever style you prefer.

As Fewer Items as Possible

There’s no place for clutter when working with Asian inspired home décor, especially as the feng shui philosophy states that an abundance of small items could trap bad energy.

Asians themselves don’t keep too many things in their houses, as they have more simplistic decorating tendencies than North Americans. It’s good to keep in mind that space is also limited, so storage is a general part of this theme.

A coffee table and end tables adorned with clean lines and storage spaces such as baskets and drawers could be just enough for a simple and stylish living room.

When looking at the bedroom, consider replacing your wide dressers with ones that are high and not too wide. It’s better to clean a room than to fill it up with furniture and small items that will close the space up.

Circle Motifs are Important

It’s important to remember the circle motif which is a great part of oriental style interior design.

The circle is known to represent the sun, and this can also be found in Japan’s national flag as it is “the land of the rising sun”. Circles can be included in cabinet faces, or even in doorways; a style known as moon doors.

Including Screens

The range of options is wide, from folding screens to the sliding doors that fill the middle of the room – you can put some elegance and sophistication on your home by separating your rooms without the harsh boundaries of walls.

Visual and Textural Balance

Balance is a very important part of the Asian style; it is a recurring theme in most choices of the oriental design type. When talking about balance, you need to pay attention when choosing the colors and the textures for your room.


They have to be combined in a way that will harmonize the surrounding and highlights the balance. For a concrete type of home, glass partitions, wooden floors, and also the addition of bamboo blinds, natural stone decorations, and organic textures create a charming and ideal setting.

Statement Pieces Are Enough

The simplistic aura of the vibe wouldn’t be the same without some signature accented items that will liven it up. Of course, these pieces would have to compliment the already present Asian-inspired interior.

Some good choices would be Asian-inspired furniture or maybe even a tri-fold screen.

You could achieve a complete look by using the perfect tapestries or rugs for your backdrop; if you’re looking for something modern, tatami mats and bamboo coverings could be a twist on the traditional oriental look.

With the use of a couple of statement pieces, you could simplify and minimize the need for a lot of Asian décors, as if chosen correctly you don’t need a lot to satisfy the vibe.

The Beauty of Chinoiserie

Several Chinese influences that consist of mythical and detailed designs are termed Chinoiserie, which in French means “Chinese-Esque”.

You can find designs like these in textiles and embroidery, and even on furniture pieces like cabinet doors or porcelain objects. They help when creating a fanciful atmosphere certain to attract attention and leave a strong impact.

Water Features for an Authentic Vibe

The sign of balance and equilibrium is none other than water, very common in the Asian style as a sign of an atmosphere full of ease. Feng shui claims that the sound of the flowing water harmonized the soul, so its sound would be a great feature that can be put in the living area, entrance room, or even the backyard.

Try using reflecting pools, for they are one of many water features that can bring some life into the ambient. Another good choice is a koi pond that can bring fluidity and easily become the main attraction in one space.

Embrace Tranquility

As it is one of the most memorable signs of Asian design, tranquility is important for keeping your space peaceful and enhancing its overall aesthetic.

Neutral tones go well with soft lighting like paper lanterns as well as natural textiles like the bamboo bed. These elements, with a touch of carefully chosen Asian-inspired décor, could achieve a full ambient.

Print the Walls Correctly

You can try silk pictures to achieve a state of peace as those kinds of paintings used many colors to create beautifully detailed pictures. Wallpapers that are inspired by silk paintings are being used more and more and bring a kind of authenticity to any homeowner’s space.

A Part of Nature

It’s not just the decorating – the whole ambient should be Asian inspired. You can use scented candles, sandalwood incense, and even wind chimes; these are sure to really get into the whole Oriental vibe you want to emit.

You can bring life into space with some potted plants and shrubs which will transform your everyday home to something modern, yet comfortable.

It’s not just the visuals – paying attention to the scent and the sounds of the room is a key factor when creating the perfect ambient for you and your guests.

Look to Antiques

You can choose a painted chinoiserie table or jade-colored urns to fulfill your style; these details, mixed with a simple and neutral backdrop and furnishing, will inspire and create the perfect Asian-styled setting.

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