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American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Legacy of Design Award Texas Chapter

Spaces Designed is proud to announce our 28th Award and the 10th consecutive Award-Winning year in a row. And it is no less than the prestigious 1st Place Award for Entire Residence Design for our Westlake Remodel Project. Hurrah!

The goal from day 1 was to take a run-of-the-mill staid house and convert every area meticulously into a remarkable yet ultra-functional space. Every inch was re-imagined to seamlessly come together for a perfectly elegant yet memorable composition. Every nook and cranny from the kitchen to the bedrooms to the closets and bathrooms were elegantly re-done to not only maximize storage and add convenience but also to be cherished and ogled.

Please see the project details on our website https://spacesdesigned.wpengine.com/portfolio/westlake-remodel/

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Featured in the latest Austin Monthly Home

Very excited to be featured in the latest Austin Monthly Home for our W Residence Condo Project.

The vision for this high rise residence was refined downtown living with a dash of quirkiness. Softer tones of neutral colors not only bring a sophisticated aesthetic but also opens the space up and allows for unique touches and features to shine through. Vintage influences can be seen in the construction of the furniture as well as the bold yet discriminating accent choices. A blend of natural tones from wood grain and stone to textured treatments adorn the residence and provides the foundation for accents of vibrant and solid blues and yellows.

Review all the Before’s and After’s of the project here. 

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Kitchen & Bath Business Magazines 

Our Westlake House project powder room got published in KBB Magazine. Custom designed A Chinoiserie Challenge
A custom design takes a powder room
from boring to fabulous!

The primary challenge was to find the right wallpaper pattern that was inviting, stunning, and (almost) living without being overwhelming and gaudy. The next was to pull together the vanity, mirror, lighting, tiles, and accessories to complete the French/Chinese Chinoiserie appeal. The wallpaper design is a custom one! With an initial sketched draft of what I had in mind, I got a prototype made, A few tweaks later, the design was hand-painted onto the wallpaper.

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When a master bathroom is dysfunctional and outdated, the homeowners miss out on an essential part of their home: an oasis to which they can escape. When designer Komal Sheth of Austin, Texas-based Spaces Designed was hired for one such project, she saw just how many issues her clients were having with their bathroom.

“When I visited the bathroom, the space was outdated and lacking storage of their daily necessities,” said Sheth, explaining that there were traditional brass plumbing fixtures and a very non-functional bathtub area.

Fulfilling Potential

Coming into the project, Sheth knew that her clients did not want to move any plumbing, so they needed to work within the constraints of the current layout.

“We had to recreate the space to make it more appealing, replace the outdated materials and finishes and add additional storage,” said Sheth, adding that the lack of storage was causing the clients to use the bathtub deck as a landing place for their shampoo, hairbrushes and makeup accessories.

A huge, inset tub set the tone for the previous design, which felt blocky and heavy with its dark materials and badly placed storage units. Three small steps led up to the top of the bathtub and were unnecessary and unsafe because of the tub’s short height. The shower, meanwhile, sported a dated framed door and the same dark tile as the bathtub. The vanity also felt like it had unfulfilled potential; a plain square mirror backed it, but the high, arched ceiling above felt completely ignored.

“The curve above the vanities and the bathtub were important to define the space,” said Sheth, “but it still needed a touch of sophistication, so we accentuated the curve with a mahogany veneer that matches the cabinets and floor.”



Komal Sheth is an Austin based, award-winning, Interior Designer and accomplished Real Estate Partner. Clearly discernible in her Design work is a distinct creative approach, sophisticated aesthetic sensibility, and attention to detail. Having collaborated with renowned Interior Designers all over the world has shaped her personal style, seamlessly blending luxury touches with global inspiration.


Besides running a multifaceted Interior Design firm, Komal combines her Award-Winning Design skills with 10+ years of experience and a solid knowledge of Austin’s high-end, luxurious Residential and Commercial Real Estate. She calls it Design+ and offers Clients a one-stop shop for everything related to Real Estate – Buying/Selling, Interior Design, Remodeling, Staging, Downsizing, and Upsizing. Combine her eye for the aesthetic with her Client focus and extensive Real Estate experience and you’ve got a partner that has the breadth of experience to ensure only the best for the most discerning of Clients – YOU! If you or someone you know wants to minimize the stress of purchasing or selling Real Estate, give Komal a call – you will be glad you did…

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