Spaces Designed! Advocates Green Interiors

“We endeavor to combine our love of design and our desire to help others live life more beautifully with our strong commitment to the environment”
Spaces Designed was founded by Komal Sheth in 2006 with a commitment to creating beautiful, livable spaces that meet clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while respecting the environment.
For more than 8 years, Komal has been creating beautiful spaces, some very fine examples of which are found right here in Austin. The ability to create an interior design scheme that combines timeless elegance with contemporary day-to-day living has elevated Spaces Designed to the forefront of Austin design. Komal continually evaluates fresh, new products and ideas in green building and encourages and promotes the use of sustainable products explaining to her clients’ the positive environmental benefits of sustainable products. Over the past several years she has gathered extensive resources for green interior design while establishing a strong network of local trades-people, builders, and fabricators who share our vision.

TruSkin Dermatology, Austin, TX
Bamboo Flooring

Why Green?
·         Healthier homes
Green design and building practices create healthier home environments through better indoor air quality and healthier building materials.
·         Lower energy and water costs
Green buildings are better performing, cutting utility costs for owners. For example, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, if every American home replaced just one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year – more than $600 million in annual energy costs – and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars.
·         A stronger environment
Environmentally responsible site planning and development, along with energy and water efficient buildings make a positive contribution to environmental protection
 Promoting Green
At Spaces Designed, design considerations are biased towards
·         Conserving water
·         Enhancing indoor environmental quality
·         Using environmentally preferable products
·         Minimizing non-renewable energy consumption
·         Optimizing operational and maintenance practices
“Incorporating sustainable products into a home is much easier and affordable than it used to be, thanks to innovative new products that continually enter the market. From furniture to paint, the options are almost unlimited” says Komal. “Whether it is something as fundamental as lighting, or a design element such as flooring or countertops, a green home will appear just as sophisticated and stylish as a home designed with non-sustainable, environmentally harmful products.“ 

Sierra Vista Residence
Recycled Glass Backsplash
If you are looking to give back the environment without compromising aesthetics or your budget, here are some specific examples of sustainable products that are widely available in the market.
·         Non-toxic adhesives and insulation
·         Energy saving fluorescent light bulbs
·         Low VOC paint to improve indoor air quality
·         Home products made from organic cotton and ramie
·         Carpet, rugs and furniture free of harsh chemical treatments
·         Tile and countertops made from recycled glass and other materials
·         Renewable flooring materials such as cork, bamboo or natural fiber
·         Bamboo window shades offer a natural feel while providing sun protection
·         Furniture and fabrics that use green products and/or manufacturing guidelines
·         Salvaged wood products such as timbers and other products with recycled content
·         Placement of doors and windows in the house to increase energy efficiency and flow of natural air.
·         Landscaping with edible plants enhances the sense of community, while making positive use of the land.
·         Adobe, native stone, rammed earth, sandwich panels, foam blocks, and straw bales as alternative construction materials
·         Saving water by
o   Planting natives and other drought-tolerant plants
o   Using low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucet aerators
o   Choosing water-efficient clothes washers and dishwashers
o   Installing drip irrigation and other water-efficient irrigation systems
 Komal strongly believes that going green doesn’t mean you have to go to extremes or work with unlimited budgets. It is about using common sense and being aware of what is available, so you can make intelligent choices when products dovetail within your design or construction goals. Furthermore, the long term savings and benefits of green products far outweigh near term costs. 

Sierra Vista Residence
Local Made Cabinetry
Favorite Local Artists and Resources for Furniture and Accessories 
  •  Favorite local artist: Monica Aroaz, Linda Demont, Shawn Camp, Erica Wildman
  • Favorite local stores: Collectic Home, Four hands, Stockton Hicks and Laffey, Wildflower & Jaya 
  • Favorite lighting store: Lights fantastic
  • Favorite Cabinet Makers: Madison Cabinets, Flat Creek Cabinets