Rug it up!

When finishing a space, a rug is such an important aspect of ensuring that the space looks regal and inviting. On a lot of our spaces, we are at the point that rug selection has become the most important decision before we move on to finishing up space.  We all know how much difference an area rug can make to a living space, embellishing its charm and highlighting particular areas. While looking at several options, I thought if it’s so overwhelming for us to select a rug from so many options out there.

But what kind of area rug should you go for?

When it comes to area rugs, there’s an enormous range available – you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re planning to look for one. Rugs can be typically categorized based on where they’re from or the material used. Take a look at which kind of area rug is most suitable to add a touch of timeless elegance to your home.


Color is probably the most important element in decorating and should top the list of your considerations when selecting area rugs. If your room has a lot of bright colors and looks very busy, choose a neutral color and a modern design for the rug. If the colors of the room are soft and neutral, you can add a splash of color and interest with a bright rug and a dramatic design. If you want to enhance the color scheme that exists in a room, select a rug that repeats the dominant or accent colors; if the color scheme hasn’t been chosen, buy the rug of your dreams and decorate the room around it – whether you want to go for a contemporary rug or an antique looking one.

Handwoven rugs or machine-made rugs?

There are beautiful options in both these categories. The pros and cons depend on a lot of factors and what your individual requirement is. But, know that if you decide to invest in a beautiful handmade rug, it will be an heirloom piece, that can be passed on to your generations and always increase in value. Maintaining & restoring a handmade rug is a service that every rug store offers. So, it becomes very easy to maintain the value of a handmade rug.   There are different types of handwoven rugs, one of them are the exquisitely ornate Uşak (Ushak) Oriental rugs, which comes in very unique and modern patterns and one of my favorites styles in rugs, which generally come from Iran, India, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan, can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Knotting makes a difference

When a rug is hand-knotted and it’s extremely durable and easy to maintain. In fact, a handmade rug is likely to last half a century longer than its machine-made counterparts and all that’s required to keep it looking marvelous for many years to come is routine dusting, cleaning, grooming, and drying. In machine-made rugs, there’s no knitting involved in the manufacturing process. Instead, the fibers of the rug are laid by a machine, and latex support is used to hold them together. So the underside of the rug is rough – and the aesthetic appeal, as well as the longevity, is compromised.


When it comes to home décor, silk and wool rugs are considered luxury items. Their soft and light texture makes them great material to create elaborate patterns and intricate designs on the rug. They are also very versatile; both silk and wool can be blended easily with each other and other rug materials. In fact, wool, when blended with bamboo silk, results in the softest, shiniest, and most luxurious rugs out there!

The last word

Although there are dozens of different kinds of rugs available, hand-woven rugs – it may be the oriental or the modern designs, are indisputably the most captivating and elegant. Area rugs are available in a wide variety of styles, and there are sizes to fit every room and prices to fit every budget. Thank you for collaborating with us and providing some beautiful rug selections for our clients. A big shout out to Black Sheep Unique and David Allan Rugs, Kaskas Rug Gallery

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