Pura Vida!

My family is big on traveling. This time we decided to go to Costa Rica and I can’t even to begin to tell you..what an experience it was!

Beginning our journey in Monte Verde, we drove on fog covered mountains, teetering on the edge of the road in a heavy, durable car perfect for the bumpy roads of Coast Rica. Hanging from precarious ziplines, we viewed the world from an entirely new angle. Looking down from so high up above was an experience beyond words. Just believe that my view of our world has drastically changed.

With the humid days perfect for trekking in leafy wet rainforests, we spent days among the tall, tropical plants and beautiful wildlife. Seeing the world’s smallest details from up close, like the miniature ants that crawled along the first floor or the creeping vines along the hollow forest trees, was an immeasurable sight.

The volcano Arenal impacted a large part of this journey. From the almost always covered mountaintop to the hiking trails all along the bottom, the gigantic creation of Earth was breathtaking. All around the volcano were boiling hot springs, and as we relaxed in the sulfur rich waters a sense of peace unlike anything I have ever experienced settled over me.

While on vacation, I always make it a point to visit one local art gallery and visit with local artists! This time I saw Gina Suvalli a playful artist living in Tamarindo.

This entire vacation was an experience of a lifetime and every turn we take was an unique experience. Coming back so inspired  to as we travels the rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica I realized the the best way for me to live was “Pura Vida!”