The projection for New Health Spaces

As the design industry grows and transforms, so is the healthcare industry increasingly discovering new ways to facilitate patient wellness in and outside of the waiting room. The two fields have been working together for decades to help patients have the best experience they can upon engaging in the stressful trip to the doctor’s office. But it hasn’t been that easy – progress is slow when it comes to renovating existing offices, and prioritizing funds for creating a better atmosphere over other medical office needs. Needless to say, the future is looking bright for healthcare facilities when it comes to environmental and design trends. No longer is the ‘healthiest’ or ‘most soothing’ wall color the only design consideration – but endless ideas for patient-nurse communication, more conversational and relaxed atmospheric ideas, as well as opportunities for fitness and wellness centers.

For example, take a look at the environments of the emergency centers we at Spaces Designed have created recently.


Austin Emergency Center at Far West

With our newest project, the Austin ER at Far West, we wanted to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere for patients considering the heightened stress levels that normally accompany an ER trip. We created an undulating receptionist desk with soothing textures and color combinations, a comfortable seating arrangement for people waiting, and a fun space for children. In the children’s rooms, we included custom mural art to create a different, exciting space for them.


Imagekids2And at the Austin Skin Institute in La Grange, we created a bright, uplifting space with fun art and color combinations to inspire the patients that are waiting to be positive about their treatment options and the future that could be possible with their skin!


Austin Skin Institute

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