Westlake Interior Remodeling Project

“Westlake Home Interior Remodeling”

Spaces Designed designed many Westlake Hills project in which we especially focus on customer satisfaction. For this purpose, our spacious kitchen is perfect for any chef, a sink for prep, and another for the dishes while ample storage and counter space can be found throughout. The whole space holds a refined ambiance with white cabinets and granite countertops while bold, blue hues bring color and life into space. Minimalist stainless steel and black steel cabinet pulls and sink faucets distract little and provide elegant touches to the kitchen. The diamond-shaped tile backsplash running the length of the kitchen wall is a stunning visual and exudes classic tile work refined. The whole room is illuminated from a stunning custom chandelier, astronomical in design, and made from stainless steel, matching the vintage style of the backsplash.

A mix and blend of distinct colors in Interior Remodeling distinguish the bedroom from the styling of the rest of the home. A powerful, dark blue and black accent wall behind the bed, defines the space, and introduces a bit of motion and life into the room. The bedspread and bench at the foot of the bed in spectacular mustard and maroon respectively draw some of the attention away from the accent wall and balance out space.

Quiet, tranquil, soothing. The bathroom’s subtle light blue and white color palette provides a great space to calm down and take a long, relaxing soak in the tub. A few orchids bring life and color into this space.

The master closet is perfect for the modern ladies or gentlemen. Ample storage and a center island make it easy to organize and find the right outfit for the occasion. The white cabinets and shelves, provide a clean and contemporary feel while the bespoke, geometric chandelier provides a bit of levity and life.

Abundant storage throughout the home is important and the living room provides generous space to display eclectic art and books. The light blue and white color scheme is continued through the living room to balance out the vibrancy of the art and Persian rug. A simple, glass coffee table, set of chairs, and couch populate the room but don’t dominate the space. Subtle details throughout the home from the floor to the crown molding elegantly impart the character of the interior design.

Interior Design Westlake Hills Interior Remodeling Projects designed your home into a new look and design.