Westlake Hills Residence


House Design Project

The big, framed windows in this space allow for some mesmerizing views, while complementing the purposeful and aesthetically appealing open interior design, creating a sense of ‘connected openness.’ The theme is carried over to every other nook and cranny of this chic home – even to the outdoor areas.  To make the space more cohesive, every little design detail flows into the other seamlessly, while also professional its unique character and purpose.

The highlight of the space is this custom-designed floating staircase with an architectural chandelier. This area adds definition and character to the entire space, while the elegant hardwood flooring throughout makes the space more visually appealing. Not to mention the fireplace that stands tall and appears almost free-standing, beautifully partitioning areas while also maintaining the bright and open feel.

Embrace the picturesque views from the staggered windows, while putting your feet up in comfortable and luxurious sofas. A similar theme of picture-framed expansive views goes along with you whether you are in the kitchen, the dining area, or any of the bedrooms.

The kitchen of this space is the epitome of luxury and balances both form and function seamlessly. The large center island features smart storage solutions, while the patterned backsplash with a framed-window overlooking the living areas add interest. What’s more? The kitchen is also kitted with top-of-the-line appliances to ensure a quick job every time. 

Bedrooms and bathrooms provide a quiet sanctuary where you can embrace the serenity. That’s not to say that the outdoor areas are any less picture-perfect! With a custom-designed pool and Texas-native landscaping, the outside is just as impactful as the interior space.

While ‘Connected Openness’ was achieved as a goal for this complete Westlake complete remodel house design project, picture-framed expansiveness ended up as the icing on the cake at Spaces Designed