Highland Park Residence

“Sophisticated combinations of bold patterns and appealing textures”

2008-2009 – Winner of multiple Design Excellence and Legacy of Design Awards

1950s ranch Highland Park Residence house design with french country interior remodeled into a modern, minimalistic retreat with beautiful textures, interesting prints, and contemporary artwork.

Extensive use of environmentally-friendly materials such as wood floors, recycled glass tiles, low VOC paint, stone flooring, and sustainable stone quartz countertops.

The traditional exterior was modernized. The front entry features modern doors, a flat steel facade, and natural travertine. Sculptural features like a water fountains, river rocks, concrete pot with agave on either side create a zen appeal.

The dark interior was brightened up to create zoned entertainment spaces and living spaces with natural ambient lighting, recycled maple wood floors, and light earthen colors. Sophisticated combinations of bold patterns and appealing textures appear throughout the house along with unique and contemporary light fixtures.