Elegant Spa Bathroom Remodel Project

“Elegant & Sophisticated Bathroom Remodel Spa at Home”

We took this dull, colorless bathroom remodel and transformed it into an elegant and sophisticated space.

Bask in the bathroom design and the sun while lounging in this elegant, free-standing bathtub enjoying the spacious surrounding and natural light through the large windows. Textured wood-patterned tiles under the tub bring the large bathroom together and add warmth to space as well as a durable, easy-to-manage floor.

The curve above the vanity is important to define the space but needed a touch of sophistication so we accentuated the curve with Mahogany veneer that matches the cabinets and floor. The soft blue and gray, recycled-glass, tiles behind the vanity echo the natural tone of the materials through a color palette inspired by flowing water.

From the cabinet pulls to the plumbing fixtures, matching, clean-lines modernize the details and stand out from the tiles and textures. To add a bit of contrasting color and texture we used light, sparkling counter-tops over the dark-stained, mahogany cabinets and introduced a rug into the space to soften the feel of the room. The whole space of the bathroom is lit with crisp LED lights to aid in energy efficiency and bring out the warmth in the textured, grey tiling on the floor.