Fifth & West

“The Ultra-Modern and Cozy Condo at Fifth & West”

Even with the space coming just under 1,000 Sq. Ft., this condo exudes chic elegance. There are cozy vibes all over the place, and there’s nothing we’re not in love with!

The ultra-modern kitchen features clean lines and a cohesive design that’s visually soothing. Plus, the more delicate shade of wood on the floor contrasts flawlessly against the backdrop of a darker shade, lending the space a warm, sophisticated appeal. Oh, there’s enough room here to host an intimate gathering with friends and family!

What to say of this living room? It just looks marvelous! It features an elegant color palette, a soft and soothing rug, and comfortable seating that complements the space beautifully. Don’t forget the vibrant artwork on the wall commissioned by a local Texan artist and the panoramic city views! This, right here, is living room goals!

It’s not only the artwork in the living room that merits our compliments – the one in the bedroom is also commissioned from a local artist and looks just as exciting and goes with the lively personality of the owner. Other than that, the bedroom, like the other rooms, is spectacularly chic. It has that clean, uninterrupted appearance that looks wonderful and that we love.

Thanks to this beautiful mirror, wallpaper, and sconce lights in the right shades of gold, the glam bathroom adds a touch of royalty to the entire home décor.

This Fifth & West project reflects Spaces Designed’s philosophy of designing spaces that not only look stunning but also match up to the client’s individual personalities and preferences. Whether big or small, every room has its own purpose and character – We pride ourselves on being able to identify that and design the space accordingly.