Bathroom Home improvement with Luxury Spa

“Master bathroom home improvement with spa ambiance & styling.”

At Spaces Designed, we focus to provide quality bathroom home improvement services. This space was designed to create a revitalizing atmosphere and instill life through natural materials. From the styling and materials to the lighting features, this master bath exhibits modern touches with the ambiance of a luxury spa. The hardwood floors that run seamlessly through the entire space match the dark-stained wood cabinets in the vanity as well as the incredibly spacious walk-in closet, tying the rooms together. While the clean white walls and stone countertops brighten up space, the touches of aqua blue in the accessories and under counter lights bring a mindset of rejuvenation.

The gorgeous, freestanding tub is both perfect for a long peaceful soak as well as for the styling of this open space. The beautiful, stone wall set behind the tub provides a graceful contrast between the smooth lines of the tub and the randomness of natural textures.

The back-lit mirrors softly light the vanity while set against stone-styled tiles in the wall which provide a subtle contrast to modern faucets and features. The touches of chrome in these features provide an elegant contrast to the warmth of the wood and stone.

In this Bathroom Home improvement project, we completely designed the bathroom into a personal spa with a suitable design and color.