New Emergency Room Project Completed!

Hello all! We wanted to update you on the completion of the new emergency room located in the Far West neighborhood here in Austin, TX that we had the privilege of designing!

Finished building exterior

Project Concept
We wanted the new Far West emergency room to be clean and contemporary, while simultaneously feeling cheerful and relaxing. We accomplished this by using clean lines and a few clear surfaces, then integrated elements of nature like organic lines, images of leaves on the reception desk right as you enter to be greeted, and colorful cartoon-esque nature murals in the exam rooms. The reception desk is generally an important focal point in a commercial space/waiting room. This one utilizes translucent, undulating orange panels to give the entry a dynamic layering effect, with a layer of leafy wallcovering underneath for natural interest. The rest of the room is minimal white, with one wall covered in a 3D treatment for added texture. Making the wall white helps it to fall secondary to the fun reception desk, while also creating more drama in the space! One colorful piece of wall art is the perfect touch to make certain the room does not feel too sterile or serious.


The behind-the-scenes workspace is kept minimal and clean, with one subtle piece of art depicting leaves to continue the concept in a professional and contained manner. One unexpected yet fun pop of color in the form of a fresh floral adds some lightheartedness.

Austin Emergency Center

The exam rooms are arguably the most fun and most important part of the whole project! With all the worry that can come along with an ER visit, we wanted to make sure to present a fun and relaxing atmosphere for the patients. The graphics make sure to preserve the clean integrity of an exam room, while offering a little something fun for visitors!

Austin Emergency Center


Three small earthy photos aid the highly technological medical equipment room nicely. A simple yet impactful design decision!


We hope you guys enjoyed seeing the new Austin emergency room…have a wonderful Tuesday!