Make Your Office Multi-Task

As the weather improves it becomes more difficult to stay productive inside of an office, now is the time to change that: make your office multi-task and increase productivity! Fast Company suggests a number of ways you can create an office space that allows you and your employees to increase productivity:

  • Bring the outdoors in – adding some greenery into your office can evoke feelings of renewal, energy, growth, harmony, and freshness!
  • Hide the wires – decrease clutter and safety hazards with cord control!
  • Multipurpose workspaces – as telecommuting becomes more popular, the home and office blend together, figuring out simple ways to transition space from work to play can be the key ingredient to using your space to the best of its ability. Does your kitchen island transition into the perfect standing desk? Do you have a nook under your stairs? Turn it into an office! Houzz is a great place to search for creative ideas on how to transform an unlikely space into an office!
  • Designate lounge areas – have you spent hours staring at your computer screen? Are you starting to see spots? It is important to create separate spaces for employees to recharge, this will ultimately increase productivity.
  • Organize your office by the color – in 2016, offices are moving away from neutrals and towards color to energize their employees in different ways – this can also create visual cues indicating where things are in the office.
  • Integrate community tables or huddle rooms – collaboration is key to a successful team and office spaces should reflect this idea. Try creating a space in the office where everyone can sit together and brainstorm – a feed of each other’s ideas in one space!
  • Use different textures in your space for variety – wood and metal mix to give your office depth!
  • Don’t restrict your space to a permanent layout – Office Furniture Now has a number of rolling tables that can change a space from a conference room to training space.

This spring – stay productive and revamp your workspace! There are a number of resources out there to spark your creativity but here at Spaces Designed we are always happy to help!

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