Residential Project Interior Design

As designers, we have to learn to understand our client’s language, much like we distinguish the difference between sapphire and tufts blue. A “modern”, “clean” design might mean something completely different to each set of eyes reading this post. Throughout the years, we’ve learned to read between the lines and really dig deeper and study our client’s individual needs. This has allowed us to produce work that is not only aligned with their vision but also in line with their necessities.

For our latest clients, a young couple from Austin, we aimed for the midpoint between homey and modern. As lawyers, they were looking for clean lines but did not want to compromise the cozy aspect of their home.

We first started working with these clients two years ago in re-designing their kitchen. This time around, they were looking to update their 1970’s style bathroom. We custom-built their cabinets with a selection of warm materials and finishes added unique light fixtures and turned up the drama with backsplash tiles for a space that was both modern and welcoming. Just like they envisioned it.


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