Komal Sheth’s Q&A With Stout Magazine’s Stoutways

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BOLD – After having worked as an employee for about 3 years, I opened my own business, Spaces Designed Interior Design Studio soon after my first daughter was born in 2005. One of my first projects was a large multi-million dollar remodel but that never deterred me. In fact it motivated me and led to multiple Awards which further propelled my business.

BRAVE – While I am an Immigrant to the US, I had never doubted that I could succeed in my adopted homeland. It is truly the Land of Opportunity if you are willing to work hard and persevere.

DETERMINED – I’ve always believed that Clients would benefit the most when I can combine my Interior Design skills with Real Estate expertise. I was determined to provide a seamless experience that combined Real Estate with Interior Design to provide one-stop service to my clients. Most Buyers end up needing Interior Design/Remodeling and most Sellers need careful staging to attract the most bids.

I’ve taken this a step further to offer one-stop Right-sizing services that take the confusion and hassle out of what could be a nightmarish and complicated undertaking.

Share with us what you tapped into to get through something that seemed hopeless.

Whether it is Real Estate or Interior Design, there are times when problems crop up in the deal or project and it seems impossible to make forward progress. Those are times when I take a deep breath and restart the process step by step and it has almost always worked out. I suppose perseverance always pays off.

Do you use same philosophies/techniques in biz/in life? 

Absolutely. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I wasn’t the same person as an individual and a professional. I couldn’t separate the two even if I tried.

Who is your biggest inspiration growing up?  now?

I’ve had many role models that have influenced my personal and professional life. My dad was an amazing role model when it came to hard work, determination and perseverance. My mom was my role model when it came to health, love and parenting. My Uncle inspired me to dream big when it came to Business.

As I’ve grown up, I am inspired by the many characteristics of many different people like honesty, integrity, self-belief, humility, perseverance, ambition.

What is your biggest obstacle right now?  TIME. It is demanding to say the least to be a mother to 2 beautiful daughters, coaching them to become strong women, a wife, a partner and a friend to my husband, a supporter of community activities and a friend and confidant to my large cadre of close friends and family in addition to being a Realtor and a business owner of an award-winning and reputed Interior Design firm.

Do you have any common or reoccurring themes that run in your personal or professional life?  I am truly grateful for the support I’ve always received from mentors, colleagues, my staff and above all my Clients when it comes to my professional life and similar support I receive from my friends and family.

How do you goal set?  I am a firm believer in the tenets of Feng Shui and the power of Intention. Every year I make it a point to take some time to visualize the amazing achievements I’m going to make in the year ahead.

How do you recharge?  Twice a year, my husband plans amazing trips to places we’ve never been before. From the beaches of Cancun to the slopes of Whistler to the markets in India, a change of scenery has turned out to be a guaranteed way to unwind and recharge.

What fuels you?  Whether I am negotiating a Real Estate deal, designing the perfect house for a particular client or ensuring everything is coming out perfectly on a remodeling job, my client’s best interests’ and satisfaction are paramount. It is an indescribable feeling when a Client truly appreciates how I might have ensured they found the perfect house or how I might have helped them right-size their house (selling their old home at the best price and negotiating a great deal on their new home) or how I might have designed a space that embodies their style and passion.

What depletes you?  Negativity and hidden agendas. I consider myself a positive person and believe good things happen to good people.

What are you afraid of?  Being late 😊. I am a stickler for time and will do my utmost to be on time and get things done on time. Commitments matter.

How do you handle conflict?  Conflict is a manifestation of individual perceptions and expectations. Discussing all points of view has generally worked well. Sometimes, I almost feel like a Therapist when I am resolving conflict (more like disagreements) between spouses when decisions have to be made 😊. Seriously though, I’m grateful to have been blessed by amazing Clients, Partners, and staff that have a common goal which automatically mitigates conflict.

What is a WIN for you in business? in life?  As I’ve noted earlier, appreciation for a job well-done counts as a WIN in my career and my personal life. I take pride in being an experienced partner solving tough problems for my Clients that most others would shy away from.

How do you celebrate success?  An evening with my husband and 2 girls is always the perfect celebration of any achievement.

What do you most admire in others?  Honesty.

What do you wish you had more of?  TIME. So much to do, so little time 😊

Who is on your shortlist for a dinner party of 5?

I’ve been blessed with so many great partners, friends, clients, and colleagues that it is hard to boil it down to just 5 so here goes:

  • One of my oldest Interior Design clients and close friends, Dan and Lurleen Ladd.
  • My amazing staff makes beauty happen every day.
  • My Contractor Leads who bring our designs to life in a meticulous, thorough way.
  • My Realtor/Brokers Michelle and Steve Turnquist are a constant source of support and insights when it comes to Real Estate.
  • My dear husband who is the wind beneath my wings.