Kitchen Renovations to Increase Home Value

Investing in your own home can be a great opportunity to raise its market value and provide a better atmosphere for you and your family. That doesn’t mean that you should just throw money at every room in your house and remodel the entire thing. First, tackle a room at a time and a perfect spot to start is the kitchen. This is one of the most profitable areas for home renovations. That’s doesn’t mean it’s easy to do right though. In the future, prospective buyers will notice when the work was done right and when the work was done shoddily.

Kitchen Renovations that make the biggest difference:

american kitchen designNeutrals

It can be difficult to pass on some trendy or flashy colors to brighten up space but it tends to be the best idea for market appeal in the long run. Neutral colors in your countertops and cabinets can go a long way when prospective buyers tour the home. Thankfully white cabinets are very popular right now and are always trending at least a little bit. Instead of uncommon colors on permanent features of the kitchen, try to add life and color into your kitchen through accessories. Things that can be changed easily. Picking the right mixture of paint colors can be tedious but with some help, you can usually find a combination that adds to the room. Need help finding the right color palette? Contact us and our experienced designer will set up a conversation with you.

Chef’s kitchen

A chef’s kitchen is designed and equipped to satisfy the needs of a professional chef—or anyone who wants to imagine themselves on Iron Chef. Desired features in a chef’s kitchen typically include the following:

  • Space for multiple people to cook and prepare food comfortably at the same time.
  • A Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer. In this case, the brand does matter, and “Sub-Zero” is recognized for its quality.
  • A gas cook range that operates with higher-than-usual Btu which allows for larger, hotter flames. This is great for tasks like boiling water quickly. Many chef’s kitchen ranges also include a grill or griddle.
  • Multiple ovens, including convection or steam models for quicker and more convenient cooking
  • More than one sink (and deep ones at that) for washing food and dishes conveniently, as well as a faucet right over the stove, to easily fill large pots of water without having to lug the pot from the sink.
  • Multiple drawers designed to organize cutlery, utensils, and appliances around the chef’s working space.

kitchen design ideasExpanding the space

Big kitchens are popular these days since it became a space for family gatherings and socializing. Hanging out while the food is prepped or helping here-and-there with the process has changed how the kitchen is viewed. Families these days want the option to enjoy the kitchen together. Expanding the kitchen at the expense of another room could be well worth the investment. You should discuss this with an experienced designer/re-modeler first though. Contact us for a consultation.