Northwest Austin Kitchen Remodel

When Austin homeowners, wanted their kitchen remodeled, they turned to us.
At Spaces Designed, we have a wealth of experience in rebuilding and redesigning spaces that are functional, modern, and cohesive.
“We strip spaces to the bare bone and see what can be done differently. We always think about the long-term impact in someone’s life,” said Komal Sheth, Principal Designer at Spaces Designed.
For conversation starters, Komal set the neutral palette against bright, blue accents.
The final result was a remodeled kitchen that was not only user-friendly, filled with nifty space-saving storage arrangements and attention-grabbing fixtures, but also eco-friendly, completed with energy-saving appliances.
“Spaces Designed takes the word “green” very seriously,” said Sheth. “For us, it is not a trend; it is a way to live more efficiently while taking care of our planet,” she added.
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