Austin Emergency Center, South Lamar

Hospital settings don’t need to be dreary and outdated. We proved this to the Austin community with the completion of Austin Emergency Center’s new location on South Lamar. 6 months went into the planning and execution of this project, which began with the selection of the right materials, and ended with adding finishing touches like zebrawood and vibrant artwork to the 7000sq ft. space. We crafted our concept with you in mind. Our goal was to create a space comfortable and welcoming for patients, visitors and staff, and we achieved it!

Creating a health care interior from scratch can be a tricky project to undertake. The development is not always just about enhancing the appearance, but also, about creating a workspace where form meets function. Our concept was built around integrating modern, but comfortable furnishings, playing with warm, inviting colors, adding cloud lights to incorporate subtle curves, and creating an overall relaxing atmosphere.

This is what this space looks like today, after the Spaces Designed’s treatment.

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