Home Design’s Effect on Higher Home Value

A great interior design will increase the value of your home, and it’s a great way pick up a large return on investment (ROI) when preparing to sell.

When the time rolls around to sell your home, don’t fall into the trap of believing that any money you put into improving the interior design of your home is wasted. On the contrary, improving the design and finishes of your home before offering it to potential buyers can often increase your effective asking price dramatically and put a larger amount of cash in your pocket. While deciding on your design, remember the goal of increasing your home’s value and picking up a high ROI. Avoid pin holing your home with preference specific choices, and, instead, use neutrals and widely favored designs to increase the marketability and usability of your home.

According to Realtor Magazine, home improvement projects in a wide variety of categories are giving owners an increasingly high ROI when the time comes to sell. When it comes to interior design, make sure that spaces are effectively created to enhance the ability of users to take advantage of their intended purposes. A well-designed flow will increase your number of potential buyers.

“Designing a bright, inviting home is often the first step toward achieving a high ROI with an interior design,” said Keith Dunham, CEO of HomeCity Real Estate in Austin.

Buyers associate well-lit homes with being warm and inviting. Recessed lighting fixtures are a relatively small investment that will pay dividends when showing your home to potential buyers. The increased lighting will make the remaining design of your home seem larger and cleaner, both of which are appealing to potential buyers.

While we’re focusing on your ceilings, consider refreshing the look of any room by investing some time into the tops of your rooms. Remove dated finishes such as popcorn ceilings and consider new crown molding to give any room a more premium feel. Small details will help your house remain prominent in the memory of buyers, and, for a relatively small investment, refinishing ceilings will add a sophisticated look to the interior design of your home.

A great interior design hinges on the functionality of the rooms in your home, so carefully consider their use when planning.

Interior design isn’t simply about looking good, it’s also about increasing functionality and ease of use. Arrange furniture and fixtures in a way that will show potential buyers the flow of your home. Eliminating dead ends will help your home seem larger, and open-plan designs are increasingly popular amongst buyers.

To receive the highest possible return on your investment, target your interior design at the current trends in the industry. Considerations must be made for technical elements of your home such as wiring and plumbing, and you should always consult an expert if a large project such as the movement of a wall is in your plan.

For buyers, the kitchen is often the most important room in any home. Invest in a great kitchen, and see your ROI go upward!

Realtor Magazine estimates that a minor kitchen redesign will offer an ROI of approximately 82.7%. In addition to the added value, improved kitchens are the best way to get your home sold quickly. When improving the design and flow of a kitchen, studies show that a well-coordinated effort will offer a handsome return in the future. 

Kitchen Design Trends in 2021 

Target your potential buyers’ preferences and increase the perceived value of your home. Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops are great, but something as simple as new doors for your current cabinets could greatly increase the value and design of your home. Well-designed coordination between all of the features of your kitchen is a great way to drive your ROI skyward.

Don’t take the investment lightly!

For most people, a home is the most costly investment they’ll make. Don’t guess on information when you could find out for sure. Professionals are available to advise your efforts and help you achieve the greatest ROI possible when selling your home, especially if you aren’t confident in your own interior design knowledge.

HomeCity Austin’s professionals have the advice you need to market and sell your home without the headaches and second-guessing of doing it alone. Contact the professionals here to find out the current value of your home and some simple design improvements you can make to increase the value!