Guest post: White design inspirations

In case you are planning a major renovation in your property, we can offer you some excellent ideas. If you like clean and simple designs, then you will certainly like the idea of a white design for some of the premises in your home. This traditional style will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed and will also give a more unusual look to your home which all of your guests will like.

There is no downside to the inclusion of a white design in your home, except perhaps when it is time to clean. We all know how easy white clothes get dirty and what a nightmare it is to remove the stains. This shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a white sofa for your living room or covering your walls with white wallpapers with certain elements. There is no way to protect your white possessions from the grime but you can always call professionals for their disinfection. You might have to perform a cleaning more often than usual, but the comfort which the beautiful white design will give you will be definitely worth it.

Bright bathroom 

Installing white tiles with interesting elements will be simple but very effective for the design of your bathroom. Using only white for the decoration of this room, however, is not the best idea. It is better to combine the white with accessories in different other colors. The best thing about white is that it goes perfectly with any kind of color, so there are no limitations.

cosy interior

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If you choose only white tiles, you can purchase cabinets in yellow or beige or a model in a dark color which will create a nice contrast. Don’t forget the accessories, especially the mirrors because they will make a nice addition to the design of the room and will also reflect the light, making the place brighter.

Clean white kitchen

In case you are a neat freak, the idea of a white kitchen might seem strange to you. Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss it though. When you combine white cabinetry with appropriate lighting, you will see that having a kitchen in white can be actually great.

Of course, if you are too worried about spills and stains, you can include elements in different colors. For instance, the countertop and the area around the sink which you will use daily can be in darker colors. This way the stains and the other grime won’t be so visible.

interiora design

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Bedroom in white

Most people don’t like the idea of white in the bedroom because it is considered that the darker colors can help you sleep better. There is no need to make the room too dark, though, so you can add decorative elements in white. Whether you put flowers in a  white vase, hang pictures with white frames on the walls, or purchase a lighter wallpaper, the results will be excellent.

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White elements in the living room

Since the living room is the place in which you spend the most time, choosing a white design might not be the best idea, especially if you have kids or pets. That doesn’t mean that you will have to select only dark objects and furniture. You can still choose one central element in white, as the sofa for instance, or add pictures and mirrors with white frames on the walls. Feel free to add any other elements in white you like and also make sure that there is enough light in the room so that they can stand out.

white design bedroom

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Welcoming entryway 

You may think that the design of your entryway is not so important but that is not true. If you want to impress your guests, you can make some changes in the style of this area of your home and include beautiful white elements there as well. A nice white lamp, white candles, white coffee table, there are really many things you can use which will freshen up the look of your entryway.


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