Five Holiday Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

The holiday season is upon us… and this means that now is the perfect time to get your home ready for all the festivities and celebrations. Having said that, it’s important you realize that people make far too many mistakes when prepping their homes for the Holidays. So, to help you prepare for the upcoming Holiday season, I have rounded up a few seasonal interior design mistakes that you should avoid like the plague.


Both in residential and commercial Interior Design, many people make the faux pas of being too “loud” with their decorating color choices and end up with a chaotic mess instead of a reassuring holiday effect. Don’t be one of those. Make a prudent choice and go with a more minimalist approach. Just because red and green are the ‘Holiday Colors, ’don’t mean you MUST follow the palette, right?

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Find a color scheme that works for you and your home. A good idea is to use your existing interior design as a starting point and keep the palette much the same. For example, if your home is predominantly filled with warm tones, stick to warm shades.


Even when it comes to ornaments, steer clear of overdoing it or you run the risk of making your space appear cluttered instead of celebratory.

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So how many are too many? Well, I say that you keep the decorative elements between three and four per room. That way, everything you use will stand out and won’t be overwhelming. Sometimes less is more, so think about what you already have and which decorations will enhance your interior, not take away.


Twinkling lights and beautiful luminaries certainly create a festive mood in the home. Notwithstanding, you have to make sure that you’re not overloading your power sockets. Not only that, you should look out for protruding cables which could lead to mishaps. Loose bulbs and overloading can lead to electrical fires and electrical surge damage.

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Let me tell you something – the spirit of Holidays is not manifested in the number of candy canes, wreaths and Santa décor you have in and out of the house. What’s more important is keeping your home safe for your family and loved ones. House fires caused by electrical shortages are a dime a dozen during the holidays… so be careful. You do that and let the beautiful lighting do all the magic.


In your excitement to put together your interior design, you may forget about your little one and pets. But you should always keep in mind that pets and children tend to be more active and curious. They could be running around and knock over those glass displays or get tangled in the hanging lights. Even your little goof-ball might lick that fake snow you sprayed on your windows and get sick.

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The way I see it, holiday decorations are a disaster waiting to happen if you have a naughty one at home. So don’t gamble with these hidden hazards – keep them someplace your child or pet cannot reach. Want to keep your little one busy? Gift them a book or a stuffed teddy bear to play with!


‘Tis the season for holiday decorations and nothing is more pivotal to the idea of holiday decorations than the Christmas tree. Whether large or small, faux or fresh, natural or flocked; the tree and all that is associated with it is rightfully considered the heart and soul of holiday decorations.

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Because a Christmas tree is such a prized decorative item, make sure it’s the star of your living space. Don’t stash it in a corner. Make it the focal point of all interior decorations and place it where it immediately draws eyes – whether in the living room or entry hall.

When it comes to decorating your living spaces for the holidays, it can be a lonely job when you don’t include others. Whether it’s family or friends; whether it’s a full-on event (think invitations… et al) or just a few gatherings to help out, make holiday decorating fun. Put seasonal music on. Pour some beverages (you know what I mean!) and start making your holiday decorating dreams come true. Better yet, work with one of the seasoned residential interior designers in Austin.