Before & After – Downtown High Rise

before and after interior design

It’s time to take a look at the before and after for our downtown high rise project, which we recently finished. We really had a lot of fun with this one since we got to use some bold and vintage accents. It definitely has that “Austin” feel.

The residence had a lot of character and unfortunately too many souvenirs from the owner’s trips around the world. (You would be amazed how much you can accomplish just from de-cluttering your life.) We wanted to keep the character but highlight the space rather than the possessions.

before and after interior design projects

This was a great space and had a lot of potential

old house renovation before and after

Awesomely bold pieces of art and accent bring scale and variety to the living room and kitchen. We used these touches to break up the rooms into individually recognizable spaces.

The Venetian plaster walls in the living room and dining room bridge the gap and adds to the relaxing tone for the entire space.

remodel house before and after

The closet space, although it provided ample storage, wasn’t quite matching the style of the rest of the residence. We wanted to add some sophistication and provide some doors to conceal the closet.

amazing renovations before and after

This dark stained wood closet set provides the perfect custom fix. The client still has ample storage but now everything looks a little more elegant. This is important in a high rise residence that has an open floor plan.

before after downtown

For the bedroom, we stuck to subtle texture changes and a minimalist approach to accessories. Incorporating the same pattern and palette from the living room into the bedspread and wall treatment ties the entire residence together.

before after downtown
before after downtown

Some of the most unique touches throughout this project happened in the bathroom. The gorgeous stone countertop and sink are beautifully different and modern. This space wouldn’t be complete without the custom skull art in the mirror. These are the kinds of things that truly make space feel like Austin.

downtown project

Let us know what you think of our before/after downtown high rise post. Do you want to see more before & after’s?