A Different Approach to the Bedroom

modern bedroom design

The bedroom is synonymous with comfort and individuality. Unlike an entryway or a living room, bedrooms are not constantly exposed to people and, thus, tend to feel more personal than the rest of the home.  Bedrooms are a place where distinct taste and creativity can flourish. Think yours needs an upgrade? To help you find what’s “in”, we are giving you an interior designer approved round up of the top 2016 design trends for bedrooms.

Bold, rich hues

elegant master bedroom design ideas

White and beige bedroom walls are a staple, but that’s about to change. Knowing the psychological effects that bedroom colors can have, designers are choosing bold, rich colors to stimulate the mind. A dazzling green can evoke restorative emotions and tranquility, while a bright pink is often associated with joy and romance. Can’t commit to a permanent bold hue? Incorporate it in pillows, curtains, throws, a rug, and bedding.

Express yourself with less

ideal bedroom design

Minimalism continues to be a popular trend, especially among Millennials. This concept is clutter-free and stress-free, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Minimalist bedroom design focuses on comfort and functionality: practical bedding, structured furniture, open spaces, and solid colors.

Hotel-style rooms

large bedroom design ideas

Sleep where you vacation. The hotel-style trend has taken the industry by storm. What’s it about? Recreating your favorite luxury hotel room in the comfort of your own home. Maybe it was a sleek hotel in London or a family resort in Colorado, all hotel-style rooms have key, unique elements. Think large roomy bedding, soft lighting, a plush headboard, side tables and a cozy statement chair.

Au naturel

bedroom design tips

Bedroom designers are drawing inspiration from nature, incorporating more and more natural elements into their work. Bring in the outdoors with flower wallpaper or a plant or create a sense of serenity with expansive windows offering up plenty of natural light. In these types of projects, materials like wood, metal, stone, and brick take the center stage.

Getting a head start with many of these trends is easy, but if you are not sure where to begin we would love to help you at Spaces Designed. Remember, the design is about taking what’s “in” and making it work with what you love.