Design Trend Predictions for 2020

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Photo Courtesy of Bob Vila

Cork Walls:

Cork surfacing is not anything new but like so many other materials has made a comeback. This material is cost-effective and easy to install in any size space and takes. It quickly turns an empty space into a great space for odds and ends. Functional and great for the organization is a good sign something will be popular. Look for this design trend here: Bob Vila

wood floor design trend

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Wide Plank Wood Floor:

12” wide wood plank floorboards are impressive and beautiful. The patterns that are preserved in these boards blend together to create elegant atmospheres. Mostly made from reclaimed floorboards as new 12” wide boards are difficult to find and expensive to purchase, however reclaimed boards come with history and a story and that makes them just a little bit more special. Look for this design trend here: Wood Boards & Beams

led bulbs design trend

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LED Bulbs & Speakers:

From deep blues to passionate reds, LED light bulbs have given homeowners a quick and effective solution to installing mood lighting. These bulbs easily plug into the standard sockets and through the LED’s can produce any color you want. You can always switch to standard white if you need something There are even some really cool phone apps that allow you to sample and create color schemes from the photos on your phone.

The addition of speakers in the lights means you can now match the music to the lights and fully capturing the mood. Since these bulbs are simple plug, connect to the network, and play, homeowners, don’t need to worry about hiring an electrician to rewire the entire house for centralized media management. The ease and relative cost-effectiveness of these bulbs make it a popular choice to complete any room. Link to Purchase

white silver room design trend

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White walls, Silver finishes, and a touch of warmth:

White tends to be a popular color for walls and furniture. It’s cool, clean, and easy to match room accessories too. Good use of silver here and there can elevate a décor and provide a bit of flash to an otherwise dreary room. This is not a new trend but now in 2017, these rooms will start having touches of warmth. Whether it’s a rug or a blanket, rooms need a bit more warmth than the traditional white décor. Link: iemo.jp

home remote design trend

Photo courtesy of Crestron

Whole house app or remote control:

Alongside the LED & speaker bulbs, homes controlled by a phone app or a remote will become more and more popular and tends to be standard in new homes already. It’s more cost-effective and convenient to hook your entire house up to your network and allows homeowners to do some really cool things. Of course, you’ll be able to control lights but you will also be able to measure electricity use and control room temperature, kitchen appliances and so much more. Look for this design trend here: Crestron

color palette design trend

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Color palette update:

Mint → Avocado

Gray → Sand

blush → rose

red → mustard

pewter → greige (gray + beige)

A new color scheme swap is needed for 2017. Decorators are starting to use colors that reflect more natural tones and patterns. Straddling engaging colors and pastels updates rooms with earth tones and floral nuances, connecting the interior space to the vast options of the outdoor color palette.

porcelanosa design trend

Photo Courtesy of: Porcelainosa


Porcelain and ceramic tiles are being produced with amazing patterns, from stone and wood to vibrant, bright colors, and offer all the durability and ease of install. The elegance and cost make this material a top pick for trending in 2017. Interior designers are able to create traditional clean décor and modern fun ambiance without having to do large redesigns on the plan. And if you want to update the look in a few years, it’s easy to replace it with a new design. Hardwood floors are a great look but require polish whereas tile floors can look just like wood and requires no upkeep. Look for this design trend here: Porcelainosa

copper-quartz design trend

Courtesy of: Polyvore and Soul Makes

Metals, Raw-cut quartz, Lucite, and Opal:

Expect 2017 to have even more metals, like copper and steel, being used in interior design. These metallics are great for adding a bit of flash to a room. Raw cut quartz, lucite, and opal are also becoming more popular as homeowners want to elevate drab rooms with some exciting, natural touches. This theme of spicing up a room with slightly more exotic materials here and there is an effective way to bring a bit of life to space. Look for this design trend here: Polyvore and Soul Makes

best design trends

Courtesy of: IdesignArch

Santorini, Earthy shades, Blue china:

Following along the same vein as the color palette update, Santorini and earth tones will be used as an alternative to stark white decors. Small touches like blue china and authentic decorations need the right atmosphere to flourish and many homeowners want to include a bit of history and internationalism in their environments. 2017 will include designs that incorporate more of these unique touches rather than replace everything with new paint. Look for this design trend here: IdesignArch