Commercial Interior Design for Healthcare Offices

commercial interior design

Modern & Inviting

Hospital settings don’t need to be dreary and outdated. We proved this to the Austin community with the completion of Austin Emergency Center’s new location on South Lamar.

Six months went into the planning and execution of this project, which began with the selection of the right materials, and ended with adding finishing touches like zebra wood and vibrant artwork to the 7000sq ft. space. We crafted our concept with you in mind, creating a space comfortable and welcoming for patients, visitors and staff.

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Modern and sophisticated with an urban vibe

This local Emergency Center was designed to reflect the modern and sophisticated, yet urban vibe of its surrounding area, creating a functional space that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Special attention was given to serve the needs of both the patients and the staff occupying the space.

We work with our clients to make sure their vision for the space and for their company is realized. Healthcare offices require incredible attention to detail and ambiance. The slightest imperfection can end up turning away clients who were looking to feel invited and comfortable while at your office.

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commercial interior design
commercial interior design

Resonates the natural patterns and details

The goal was to create an inviting and relaxing environment with natural tones and small splashes of color. Mixing lounge furniture into the waiting room not only brings a little bit of levity to the space but also great functionality. The reception desk resonates the natural patterns and details found in the room so that it can blend with the rest of the of the interior while the design and elegance engages guests as soon as they walk through the door. The subtle theme of rejuvenation is carried throughout the entire office space to ease guests into a tranquil frame of mind.

Health and rejuvenation go hand-in-hand and we strive to create commercial interior designs that reflect this through and through. Balancing natural touches with subtle patterns we create environments that make clients feel safe and welcomed into an office space rather than turned away by cold and sterile waiting rooms. Your interior design speaks volume about your business and clients can fall in love with it or never want to return again. Don’t lose repeat clients because of bad commercial interior design. Contact us and we’ll show you what your office can look like.

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