Category: abstract art

  • 03

    What to do with your walls

    A blank wall can be the biggest challenge for a new or existing homeowner, here are a few tips on how to transform your mantle or blank canvas into...

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  • 06

    Before and After

    What a difference a large-scale textile makes! This is the living room from one of our recently completed projects. See the before and after of the same living room...

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  • 21

    We <3 ART!

    Our interior designer takes every opportunity (with an editorial eye of course) to incorporate art in each of our designs. In this living room, we took a very toned...

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  • 19

    Keeping it Local: Erica Wildman

    Spaces Designed is blessed to have a great relationship with many of Austin’s local artists. We have showcased their work in a number of homes and are always excited...

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