Breath of Fresh Air!

We absolutely LOVE a big, green, dramatic, and healthy floor plant. They serve a million purposes…helping to clean and restore our indoor air quality, boosting our moods (sometimes as much as a cute therapy dog), bringing in a new texture to the room, eating up a dead corner with purpose, and keeping us connected to our Mother Earth just to name a few. Besides being terribly on-trend -as they were in the 70’s- they are another important element in your room’s design. Height, color, texture, and an organic piece…all in one glorious plant!home interior plants

plants in designI think one of the downfalls to owning a plant is the selection and care taking. So many different species of plants to choose from. It’s also imperative to understand light and water needs. Make sure you have an understanding of the plant’s needs. Not too much sun, more water, and proper drainage. They’re really not too fussy they just need a little attention and they’ll give you a lot of happiness in return.

Palm trees, Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, and Philodendrons are easy care for and have a dramatic impact. I will say this…for all the many benefits that indoor plants afford us, if you have an absolute black thumb (you know who you are) we will forgive you and condone the practice of artificial plants. GASP! But we know not everyone has a lifestyle that’s conducive to keeping up with proper care for your plants. Please make sure you do your research and get a plant that’s as realistic as possible. There are a million to choose from.

Don’t forget tabletop plants and hanging baskets if you’re crunched for space 😉