Behind the Scenes: Westlake Remodel Project

We started working together 3 years ago for converting their basement, where all the kids have grown up to more fun and entertaining space. We added a gym, a pool table, a wine tasting room, and a TV watching area. And slowly as all the kids moved out we then started updating and adding elements to the upstairs to reflect the client’s current lifestyle & making the house feel fresh again.

The only initial directives were to transform the living space into something unique and special, so I designed a serene, chic and comfortable space for the family, where they and their guests can make beautiful memories. I’m thrilled that this family is as happy as I am with the outcome of their new interior design in Austin, TX.

The transformation process started with me trying to understand what the client wants as an overall look. For this, I had to understand her tastes, preferences, and lifestyle and incorporate everything into my interior design. I also had to understand the interior architecture of the house to ensure that the design theme would go flawlessly with space. Once I got the bigger picture, I knew which direction I was supposed to go.

I’m known for not being afraid to use colors. For the primary color palette, I picked contemporary, subdued shades to dominate the space. The more modern but comfortable furniture replaced the traditional décor. Some golds and metallic tones were added for a little glamor quotient. Traditional artwork was combined with more abstract painting. And the vintage rug and fan ties it all together.


I’ve kept the visual momentum same throughout the space, but I’ve also added little splashes of colors here and there to make space look elegant yet fun. This color theme makes the space more inviting. Notice how wonderfully the bold blue in the chairs and the wall contrasts with the more dominant, timeless white/grey.

This is my favorite part of the transformed space. The fireplace is really something to fall in love with. The moment I layed eyes on the beautiful monolith slab at our local granite slab yard AGM I knew it will be a show-stopper. It’s a labor of love for me and very carefully articulated installation by our local industry partners. Thank you Churchills Fireplace and Graniteworks of Austin for partnering with Spaces Designed and creating this work of art.

To balance the area around the fireplace, I chose a textured wallpaper that draws the colors and texture from the slab. And wanted to create large niches to display some unique pieces of accessories. Our craftsman carpenter always lives up to our expectations with their beautiful craftsmanship and attention to details.  The wall does take the aesthetic appeal of this space to the next level.

I’ve tried to keep the ambiance of this space more relaxed, while still following the overall theme of the design at the same time. The rustic décor, the elegant vintage chandelier, and the beautiful hand-made painting truly make space stand out.

A lot of time, effort and of course, patience went into this project. But I’m pleased that the end result is a balanced, harmonious space that reflects the personality of the people who use it.

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