A Facelift for the Kitchen

There are many ways to give a space a facelift and updating the cabinets and backsplash is one of them. Finding the perfect tile to uplift your space can be a challenge, there are so many options out there, how do you pick the right one? We are so excited to share with you our experience with Artistic Tile because this tile made a huge difference in this particular space!

As a designer, you comb through plenty of samples in showrooms and through your own collection but it is an exciting moment when you find something fresh, clean, and perfect for your client. At Spaces Designed, we are lucky to have a number of wonderful resources in the Austin area. For this particular Artistic Tile, we partnered with Architerra Showroom.

Architerra specializes in luxury artisan stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and concrete – their variety and selection are unique and they have a wonderful ability to assist in your design vision. We encourage you to check out their website, Houzz profile, and Facebook page so you can see more of their projects.

Once we found the tile at Architerra, we still had a number of steps to take to get to the finished installation.


Finding the tile is only step one, you have to bring it into space and make sure it is the perfect fit there as well.


This tile is not your ordinary black and white tile. Rialto tile has depth – shades of grey are integrated into some of the pieces but the pure white and black components keep the style clean yet unique.

Once you have determined that this is the right tile for space, you and your team lay the tile out and measure, exactly how it will be installed – in this case, using a wood panel to mimic the wall where this backsplash will sit.

cabinets for kitchen

In this series of pictures, you can see the intricate process of laying the tile but also measuring the tile to ensure a perfect fit.

decor for kitchen



Once initial measurements are taken, more of the tile is laid out all the while ensuring accuracy with the space in consideration.


Then, the tile installation can begin!


After installation is complete, you can see the difference this tile has made in the space!



The finished product! This tile connects with the countertop bringing out the warmth in the cabinets!

At Spaces Designed, we specialize in providing facelifts to any space, please contact us if you need our assistance!