These 5 Color Trends for 2020 will inspire your Next Home Design Project

Living rooms are where most families convene and spend quality time with one another. A living room should, therefore, be approachable, comfortable, family-friendly, and visually appealing. You want to stay away from a too formal or too stiff setting. Your living room isn’t a formal parlor after all; it’s not a place to gather and sip tea from dainty cups. So the question is… what are the top trends in this space and how can you decorate your living room in a way that makes heads turn?

Well, first and foremost, you have to settle on a theme and plan the rest of the décor around that. After that, you can take inspiration from these five trends to bring about a cozy, comfortable feel to your house.

Bright Colors

Although muted shades have dominated interior design trends for years, it is bright colors that are dominating 2020. Cheerful and vivacious, bright tones invariably lend an unusual warmth to your living space. Be it the cheerful green or the lemon yellow, it is hard to surpass the glow of these shades.

modern downtown

The blue and yellow colors really pop against a rather contemporary backdrop. Don’t you think?

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Natural Light

Again, the focus is on bringing in as much of the natural warmth in your house as possible. You might have the best of the designer lighting but nothing quite compares to the natural glow of the sunlight. Therefore, open up the windows and make the passage for as much natural light as possible. Even the moonlight on full moon evenings can add magic to your living room décor.

Natural light coming in from huge glass windows can make space appear airier and livelier.

Warm Wooden Tones

The idea is to continue with the earthy natural tone in every element of your décor. Therefore, go for wooden furniture in natural and warm tones. The rich brown of the teak wood and the gorgeous black of the fragrant rosewood is sure to add a lot of warmth to your interior. These wooden tones also enhance the aesthetic essence of your home décor.

Wood can give your living room a character that not only looks marvelous but adds to the overall ‘warm’ ambiance of the space as well.

Mix & Match

Let’s say you have a dominant grey theme running throughout the space furniture but if a blue contemporary rug goes with the overall theme, go ahead and add it. The idea is to mix and match accessories in a healthy and cohesive fashion. This will give your living room a distinct identity. It will also grab the attention of anyone who comes to your house.

The blue rug breaks the grey monotony and makes the room appear livelier.

Simplicity and Consistency is important

When you are planning to redecorate your living room, it is best to go for a natural, cheerful, bright look. Keep accessories to a minimum and don’t clutter the space with too many artifacts or artificial lights. Whatever you keep should be united in terms of the theme that you are following. A cohesive design comfortable and chic composition is the cardinal theme for your living room décor.

A clean, sleek theme and a centerpiece that’s the focal point of the room can really make the space look contemporary and elegant.

When it comes to living room interior design trends in 2020 color trends, these decorating ideas reign supreme. If you’re interested in making your living room so beautiful that it becomes the envy of all your friends and family, call me at (512) 423 0981 or drop me a mail at Info@SpacesDesigned.com today. My team and I will surely help you transform your living spaces into a modern work of art!