3-D Rendering and Interior Design

A Conversation with Austin American Statesman

Tell me a little about your company — how long have you been in business, where are you located, how many people do you employ and what sort of services do you provide?

Spaces Designed

Komal Sheth is an Austin-based, award-winning, interior designer and real estate entrepreneur. She is the founder of Spaces Designed, a multifaceted interior design and real estate firm servicing the Austin, Texas region for over 10 years.

Spaces Designed integrates architecture, remodeling, and interior design in the residential and commercial areas. The company was devised with one goal in mind, “the home should be a reflection of the client’s vision and taste.” From the selection process, through the furnishing stages, the team assists clients in envisioning the potential of the space and making that vision become a reality. The team prides itself on engaging each client as a participant in the design process and offering ‘real-time’ market knowledge.

As head designer, Komal’s experience is far-reaching and ever-evolving. Throughout her career, she has not only gained an understanding of the interdependence between function and design through her travels but also, through the collaboration with renowned designers in Bombay, India, Dallas, and various parts of California. Over the years, Komal has developed a distinct creative approach where the combination of luxury touches and global tendencies blend seamlessly.

Komal and her team stay on the cutting-edge of design by constantly seeking out new materials, products, and innovative ways of shaping the clients’ lifestyles. The team at Spaces Designed is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both real estate and decoration.

Out of concern for future generations, Spaces Designed strives for sustainability and integrates environmentally-conscious design principles in all projects and internal operations. Constantly evaluating the needs and styles of her customers, Komal is designing her own line of accessories and will soon roll out a whole new collection.

In general, what is 3D design rendering?

3D Design rendering is a modern tool used today by architects and interior designers to help them create representations of a final product in a realistic and visual manner through the use of software programs. 

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How is this used in interior design?

It is applied to interior design as a way to present the client with a realistic sample of what the project will look like when finished. It is also a way for designers to create and modify plans when working on the internal components of a space.

How does using this improves the ability of designers to give clients an idea of what a completed design might look like?

3D design helps the designer present the client’s easily understandable information. By being able to see the look and feel of a space in a clear and simplified way, clients will not only feel more comfortable with the designer and their vision but also get more involved in the design process. The 3D design allows designers to show multiple perspectives of the project and all the elements involved. It also allows designers to make accurate selections of materials, styling, colors, and floor plan arrangements.

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What are the benefits for clients when designers use 3D design rendering in interior design?

Because elements can be easily modified, 3D design saves the client time and money by making the design process more efficient and reducing unnecessary changes. It also allows the client to be more involved in the design process because they can pinpoint what they like or not like from the rendering.

Do many interior designers use 3D design rendering? Please explain.

If they don’t, they should! Nowadays with the array of choices and products designers have, it is almost impossible to complete a project without a detailed visual plan. I think each day more designers are learning the importance of providing clients with this tool.

Any final thoughts?

It is really great to see your vision come to life with a help of a software program, which really helps the clients, contractors, builders, cabinet makers not only to visualize it better but also address all the minor details of how something is going to be built. It is a very important aspect of designing.

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